Three crucial personal trainer tools to increase business

Personal training can be a tough business to stand out in for many reasons. In every city and community there are typically a large amount of personal trainers per capita. There are many reasons for this which could be a whole blog in itself, and may be in the future. Regardless of why, one needs only do a search on the internet or in the local phone book for personal trainers to see it is true. As a personal trainer, your skill and service is your product. If your skills and advertising efforts are equal to other trainers, how do you differentiate your product from all the others? Of course if you are a good trainer, once a client hires you, they will stay with you. But how does your potential client know your services (your product) are the best to begin with? The answer is to provide services (product) that clearly set you apart from the rest. Following are three crucial software tools that can help you do this.

One of the first things a personal trainer does when meeting with a new client is to go over the client’s goals. After that, the initial fitness assessment is performed to help determine baselines measures and a starting point for the client’s fitness program, typically comprised of tests such as flexibility, strength, endurance and body fat composition. These test results help the trainer determine a logical course for the training program. Many trainers perform the tests, create the appropriate program and of course charge for the service. While this is great for the trainer, often the client doesn’t understand or see the value of this crucial service.

So first on the list is a professional and snappy report of test results to reflect your service and this is possible with a fitness assessment software program. The program needs to allow the trainer to establish goals, enter test results and create summary graphs and reports that can be printed or sent electronically to the client. This does two things to separate you from other trainers. The client now can see a direct result of your expertise and they have a tangible product for the money they paid for your assessment. When it comes time to re-assessments, it is easy to compare previous test results to current results, further demonstrating your expertise and what it can do for them. In this way they clearly see your value and why they should continue coming to you rather than another trainer.

The next component is the fitness program itself. One-on-one training provides a direct measure of your service. It is easy for the client to understand exchanging a fee for your time. But often this type training is not always in the plan. Clients may want online training, or periodic instruction for self paced home training or when travelling. Of course many trainers simply write down an exercise name on a pad of paper and jot down sets and reps. This method also makes it difficult for the client to understand what they are getting for their money. To set yourself apart from the rest and enhance your professional image, invest in exercise software. These come in both desktop or web based. These type programs will reflect your expertise by providing professional illustrations, photos, including clear instructions and containing clear information about sets, reps, and resistances.

And finally, the third part of the package should be the nutrition. Providing even basic nutrition consults can further exemplify your value. It shows that not only can you assess their fitness and provide goal oriented exercise programs; you can also address proper nutritional needs, teach proper eating habits, and assist with weight loss if needed. A basic nutrition software program can help a trainer perform calorie assessment, print out meal plans, create shopping lists, print recipes, provide nutritional information handouts and more. Often the fitness assessment and nutrition program can be combined into one seamless program at affordable prices. And there are many personal trainer software options when it comes to software. And by offering nutrition counseling, your services are expanded for added revenue,

It doesn’t take a lot to be seen as the top of your peers. It just needs to be done smart. And it can be done with little to no additional investment in personal training education or skills. By integrating a few easy to use and affordable software programs, you can market yourself better and become the distinct and sought after personal trainer that everyone wants. s

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