Making Personal Training Templates – 3 Easy Steps

Personal Training Templates are Essential for Online Trainers

Having a good line of personal training templates will save you time and decrease effort. There simply won’t be enough hours in a day to allow you to create unique programs for hundreds of clients.

Additionally, using pre-made programs enables your client to receive better results. Workout templates can be used as a starting point to tweak and tailor your programs to each individual. Plus, you will be providing precise workouts your clients can be confident in doing, thus helping them achieve success.

Stock programs can decrease risk as well. Using tried and tested programs that are modified and improved over time keeps programs safer and consistent.

In this blog we will show you 5 simple steps to create programs for your niche clients.

Step 1 – Create Your Foundation

The foundation of a fitness template is made up based on the goals, preferences and equipment  related to the client niche. Start with one of your three  client niches.

As an example, suppose one of your client niches is young adult women, with kids, using basic inexpensive equipment, that want to tone and get back in shape at home. Having a precise niche can help you tailor a template.

Create a list of things a workout plan might contain to meet those goals. For example it might be they have elastic bands and like to exercise 3 times/week with a general goal of toning for upper body and abs, with general strength training for the legs.

home fitness equipment

Step 2 – Create a Basic Program

Lets suppose your package plan for this type of client is a 6 week plan, broken into three, 2 week phases. Decide if you want to do a full body program or divide into upper body, lower body, back/abs days. 

Using your list, create a basic program for the first two weeks. In this example, we will use a full body plan using elastic tubing or similar. The internet is full of great ideas for creating workouts using different exercise equipment.

Personal trainer templates

Step 3 – Finish The Remaining Phases of Template



The final step is to create the remaining portions of the template. In our example this would be weeks 3 and 4 (phase 2) and weeks 5 and 6 (phase 3)

With both phase 2 and 3, increase workloads naturally, but also work on the same areas as phase one, using exercise variations. For example phase one might have triceps kickbacks using a light resistance of band. Phase two increases the resistance band but could introduce overhead triceps extensions. 

Creating variations keeps the program from getting boring and stale while at the same time increasing loads. Remember, another variation might include increased reps to enhance toning, for example.

Personal training templates

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Finish Up Remaining Niche Templates

Now, you just repeat the above three steps for your last two niches. Remember, since your niches are probably very similar in goals and preferences, many of the programs will be very similar. The remaining templates usually goes quicker since you are building on a framework from the others.

TIPS: Keep updating and working on new templates

  1. When you have new client with slightly different goals, equipment or preferences, modify the template, then save it as a new template. You may have a client like in the example above but has free weights at home and prefers to use those. All you have to do is use the same exercises, but have them use weights instead of bands.
  2. Revise an existing full body template into a three part. Once you have a full body workout template, just take the upper body exercises and move into one day, and do the same with lower body and then with back and abs.
Personal Trainer templates

Pre-made Fitness Training Templates Are a Foundation For Successful Online Trainers.

In conclusion, taking time up front to create fitness programs tailored for a specific client niche will save you time. Personal training templates will give your clients a professional product. Clients can achieve their goals better. And once you have your basic templates, it is easy to create variations. 

You are almost on your way to taking your business to the money making phase. Check out the final blog in this series, The Personal Training Business Opening.

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