About Us

World Class Health Care Technology

BioEx Systems was started in 1996 by Doug Feick, a physical therapist and Chris Connell a computer programming specialist. They believed that affordable technology could be created to streamline a trainers tasks as well as improving a clients path to better health, not by replacing the relationship between the personal trainer and clients, but by enhancing it. Every client is unique, requiring specific guidance, fitness programming and meal planning from their personal trainer. The result is Total PT Fitness. An economic software platform to improve the trainers productivity and advance a client efficiently to reaching their goals.

Since then they’ve launched a myriad of different products for health care and fitness professionals including Total PT Fitness, Exercise Pro Live, and many others. 20 years later, BioEx Systems products are in thousands of physical therapy, athletic training, personal training and doctor’s offices all over the world, helping patients and clients get quickly get back on the path to a healthier and better life.

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