Announcing Total PT Fitness Personal Trainer Software Updated Interface!

Our Total PT Fitness personal trainer software has undergone some dramatic improvements and changes. The first thing you will notice is a more classy and modern feel to the various screens. On top of that, you will find an overall easier navigation interface. The result is a clean,  comfortable user interface. Following are just a few of the new things you will find in the upgrade.


At A Glance" Overview Client Screen.

Our new Client Overview page allows you to instantly see your client’s status in a variety of areas. See messages, assess goal status, view upcoming activities, check status of questionnaires, and review test numbers.

This area also show current fitness plans, issued meal plans and other client specific notes.

Personal Trainer Software updated interface

Updated Test Review screen

Instantly see all your client’s test results and improvements. Test are provided in an easy to understand color graph layout. And most test contain normative values.

Personal trainer software fitness tests

Total PT Fitness Online – The Perfect Software for Handling Client Fitness Programs

Master Template for Easier Online Training

The new master template screen lets you create complete fitness plans. And now there is a complete Cardio exercise section.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have a plan that includes exercise programs, pre-loaded messages and notifications, photo requests, and even preset questionnaires and handouts.

Master templates can also include test requests and setup appointments and provide detailed meal plans.

Master Temple for personal trainer software

New Client Tags Section

It is now possible to tag your clients as certain types. This is a great way to keep up to date on your client’s long term goals. Tag them as a body builder, cardio client, toning and wellness, or any classification you want to make.

You can even tag them as a high value client, post rehab, online client or in person. The choices are entirely up to you!

This area also shows you their last log in, so you can be sure your clients are on track.

personal trainer software updates

Your Personal Trainer Software Update is Ready To Go!

Whether you are training in person, online, or a combination of both, Total PT Fitness is here for you. The new features and modern look will help take you into the future of personal training software. And if you are not using it already, check out our free trial.

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