Most personal training businesses and personal trainers are interested in retaining clients and adding new clients. This just makes sense. People will drop out of programs, so it just makes sense to try to gain new clients. While personal training is often viewed as working with a healthy and average youthful population, there are other options. It is possible to expand your personal training business by attracting the senior population. By having the knowledge and the ability to offer personal training senior test assessments, it provides an excellent new group of people to help expand your personal training business.

Seniors by most definitions are people that are 60 to 65 years of age or older. In 2010, there were over 40 million people over 65 in the USA alone. That number continues to grow as more and more baby boomers and generation X reach those later years and as life expectancies continue to increase. How can it not makes sense to include that group of people when thinking of way to expand your personal training business? While they may be elderly, this group of people lead an active lifestyle and can benefit from the skills of a personal trainer just as much as people in their 30s.

But working with an older population can differ sometimes from the typical (and narrow) view of who works with a personal trainer. Sure, the typical 70 year old may not have a goal to bench press 250 pounds or run a marathon, (well, some may surprise you) but they still remain with valid goals to maintain and even improve their fitness lifestyle. And people in these age groups also may have other considerations such as artificial knees or hips and other related age issues. This means in order to expand your personal training business, the trainer must learn and gain new skills and approaches to helping the senior client reach those goals. This means learning proper senior test assessments. It means moving beyond the idea that healthy and well means more than just how many biceps curls one can do, more than just losing weight or decreasing body fat. (Of course these things may also relate to your senior client as well).

Personal training senior tests

Sit to stand with foam support

personal training senior testing

Standing balance with foam base

Senior test assessments for those over 65 usually place more emphasis on function, balance, endurance and the ability to remain independent with their day to day living activities. There are many senior test assessments available to the personal trainer. Many of the tests are designed to measure functional tasks such as getting up and down from seated positions. Many can show balance ability and potential risk of falls.

Personal training senior reach test

Senior test reaching

How does the personal trainer learn these senior test assessments? First, continuing education courses can be a great source. Second, there are many fitness assessment software programs that contain these tests, making it easy to perform them correctly and obtain the proper information on achieving the correct goals.

So in summary, it can be a real no brainer to expand your personal training business by implementing senior test assessments and marketing to that demographic of people. It is a growing source of business that is only getting bigger every day.


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