Total PT Fitness Desktop Option

Classic personal trainer software Still relevant and powerful

Personal trainer software

We offer an alternative to our online software and it is a desktop system. It is very different. To learn more, see below.

What is Classic desktop software?

Quite simply, it is software that is installed directly on the hard drive on your computer. We call it classic because before the days of high speed internet and online apps, desktop software was the only option.

Fitness software for personal trainers

Is desktop for me?

It might be. Suppose you do not want a subscription system. Maybe you don’t need all the features an online system provides. That’s ok, not everyone does. 

We have the answer. We have been making software for personal trainers for over 20 years. We developed the desktop software and still offer desktop software for personal training.

Will it still let me provide services to my clients? Of course, our desktop systems have worked for personal trainers for years and still does for many trainers. You can still track fitness tests, provide exercise programs and issue meal plans. It really depends on your preference and your personal training needs.

So what are the differences?

Desktop software is a one time purchase. It installs on your computer, so you access it there, typically a work computer or laptop. It is also sold in a modular format (testing, nutrition, exercise and scheduling). For example if you only want fitness assessment you only have to buy that part. You can print or email exercise programs, meal plans, test reports and so on.

But, since it is not online, you obviously lose some functions like the online client portal, video exercise, messaging, etc.

This link will take you to our parent company website, BioEx Systems Inc., which is where we sell our desktop programs