How does Total PT Fitness work with Zoom?

See Using Zoom for more information.

How does it work?

Trainers can use Total PT Fitness to train clients online and in person. Trainers can provide fitness tests and track those results. Exercise and fitness programs can be created by trainers and provided to clients either in printed form or as an online link with video. Nutrition programs can also be provided to clients. All clients have access to a personalized website/portal which is branded with the trainer company name and information. This client website allows the client to access all their tests, test results, meal plans and exercise programs.

You pay a monthly fee (or annual for more savings) for the number of clients you need and you charge your clients your monthly training fee. For example, a trainer may pay $3.99/month for a client and then charge the client $50/month for training services.<

Can my patients and clients see the programs on their iPad, iPhone, android tablet and smart phones?

Yes. All your client needs is a home computer, laptop or mobile device with internet access.

Do I need to download or install software?

No, Total PT Fitness is a web based program so no software installation is needed. All you need is a browser and access to the internet.

Can I access Total PT Fitness anywhere?

Essentially, yes, anywhere you can access the internet including your iPad or Android mobile tablet.

How does the Trial work?

You have unlimited access to all features. The trial has one sample client and one open space to add a client. This way you can use the program to determine if it will meet your needs. The trial does have limited printing function, but all reports can be viewed.  No credit card is required. The trial has no time limit. Once you purchase the program/s, you access to all the features and printing.<

Do you provide free online demonstrations?

Customer service is our priority. We can provide online demos and training for Total PT Fitness (by appointment). Call or email for details, sales@TotalPTfitness.com or 800-750-2756, ext 2.

Who uses Total PT Fitness?

Total PT Fitness is designed for personal trainers, wellness coaches and other related fitness and health professionals..

How many clients can be entered?

The basic plan is for 5 clients but you can sign up for as many clients as you need. See Pricing for more information.

How many video exercise programs or fitness tests can I give out?

There is no limit to the number of programs or fitness tests that be issued.

Can I put in my company information and logo?

Yes, Total PT Fitness will brand the clients free phone app and personal web portal and all handouts with all your company information and logo.

Can I get access to my data?

Yes, as long as your account is active, you can access all your exercise routines, tests and client information.

Is the client data safe?

Yes, Total PT Fitness uses the latest in encryption technology, and uses multiple and redundant servers for uninterrupted service and data backup.

How many videos are in the library?

Total PT Fitness currently has thousands of exercises.

How often is content added?

Content is added approximately every 6 months.

Can I add my own video exercises?

Yes, it is possible to add your own custom exercise videos that only are accessed by your account. It is also possible to add fitness tests. And you can add your own meal plans, recipes and foods.

What about upgrades and how much do they cost?

Upgrades, updates, and new features are constantly being added. Since Total PT Fitness is web based program, there is no charge for updates or expanded content.

Can I create protocols or pre-designed workouts?

Yes. You can create your own exercise templates (protocols), modify them if desired or remove them.

If I add my own exercises and videos, will other people be able to see them and use them?

No, if you add content to your account, only you will have access to that content.

Can clients print their own programs?

Yes, when you send a video program to your patient or client, they have the option to print a paper handout, either with B/W line art or photos.

How do I pay for membership?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. If your facility requires the use of a purchase order, contact us.

What are my membership options?

Membership is monthly and is based on the number of clients. It is possible to sign up for a year to gain additional savings.

Can I change my membership?

Yes, you can always switch your monthly plan to a yearly plan to obtain more savings. You can also move up to higher number of clients to receive a lower price per client.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you can cancel at any time before the end of your payment cycle. Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless canceled.

Can more than one person use the same account?

It depends on the number of clients. At higher level client numbers, the membership includes additional trainers.

Will I get a receipt?

Total PT Fitness has a special administrative page which allows the user to see current membership plan and to print receipts any time.

Who do I contact about billing issues?

Contact us at Support@TotalPTfitness.com

Can I change my password?

Yes, a member may change their password at any time.

If I cancel do I get a refund?

All monthly and annual memberships are non-refundable, please note we offer a free 14 day trial before signing up.

What kind of computers and devices will Total PT Fitness Work on?

Total PT Fitness can be used on any Windows or Mac computer with a browser and access to the internet. It also works on the iPad or Android based pads as well. Your clients can access using our free (no ads) phone app, called Fitness Now, with either iPhone or Android.

What are the system requirements?

Web browsers including and after IE 9, Safari 5, Firefox 3.6 and Chrome 15 are required. We cannot guarantee but browsers in older versions should work, too.

What are the phone system requirements to view Exercise Programs?

Any phone that support HTML5 in its browser. That includes iPhones, Android phones with version 2.2 or better (that is over 90% of android phones), Windows phones, Blackberry phones with version 7 or better, and most other phones.

Does Total PT Fitness provide technical support?

We provide support and help with task and navigation related to Total PT Fitness. However, since it is a web based program, we do not provide technical support for your computer or issues with your internet provider.

Who do I contact for more help?

Support@TotalPTFitness.com or call us at (800) 750-2756 x3

How are the Desktop products licensed?

The desktop software packages come licensed for one computer and one log-in user. Additional log-in user licenses can be purchased if there is need for more than one user. If extra log-in user licenses are purchased, it applies to all of the products you own. All the Desktop products allow unlimited clients to be entered.

We do offer a network/enterprise edition if you need the use the software on multiple networked computers. Contact our sales department for more information on this option.

If I want to have multiple people on the schedule in Office software, do I need to buy additional user licenses?

Yes, you must buy one user log-in license for each person on the schedule. Billing on Desktop does allow for two non schedule users to access the software (for office staff, schedulers, billing etc.).

If I buy an extra log-in user license, does that mean the program can be installed on a second computer?

No, extra log-in users are for the program on one computer. If you wish to use the software on multiple computers, it is necessary to buy another copy for another computer or buy the network edition (the computers must be networked to use the network edition).

Can I email reports and meal plans?

Yes, most all reports and/or meal plans can be sent by email.

How do I buy meal plan templates and do you have to ship another CD?

Meal plan templates are purchased on our website. You will receive a meal plan code within minutes, which can be entered into your nutrition software, activating it immediately (older versions may need to apply the meal plan patch to their program first, located on our support page). We do not ship a new CD for meal plans.

Can reports have my company logo?

Yes, most reports can have a logo. And it is possible to create a cover page that has personalized company information and logos.

Can I create my own meal plans?

Yes. And you can add recipes and foods.

Can I buy programs individually or do I have to buy them as a package?

No, it is not required to buy all the programs at one time. Each program can be bought alone or other programs can be added later.

My registration code is not working

First verify that you have installed the correct program. Next try typing the registration code in instead of cutting and pasting. This often fixes the problem.

I lost my registration code and/or cd

We are always happy to provide replacement codes and cds. There is a $35 fee. Please contact BioEx sales via phone with a credit card to receive the code.

I receive an Error 5 on startup

Your database has become corrupt. Please restore the expro4.mdb file from backup. If you do not have a backup the program makes periodic backups and they can be found in the backup directory.

What is the UAC and how does it affect your software

Please see this document.

Whenever I start Total PT for Desktop I get prompted for the database location

Your bioex.ini configuration file is not correct. It needs to be changed to reflect the correct path. Please see this document for more information, in particular see the last note.

Whenever I search for exercises in Total PT Fitness for Desktop I do not get pictures

Your bioex.ini configuration file is not correct. It needs to be changed to reflect the correct path. Please see this document for more information, in particular, see the last note.

Every time a new user starts Total PT Fitness for Desktop they are prompted to register

Your bioex.ini configuration file is not correct. It needs to be changed to reflect the serial number for all users. Please see this document for more information, in particular see the last note.