Featured exercise – The Ab Blaster

Our featured exercise this month is for abdominal strength and is called the Ab Blaster using the TRX suspension device.

Maintaining abdominal strength is a key requirement for developing core strength. The abdominal muscles play a major role in stabilizing the spine. A stable spine is required to enable higher level exercises for the arms and legs. This video features the TRX suspension device and how it can be used abdominal conditioning. This exercise and many more can be found in the exercise library of Total PT Fitness.

Featured Exercise – back flexibility

The Mobilizer for back flexibility

Back flexibility exercise

Flexibility is a key component of fitness. Flexibility includes joint mobility and is a key factor especially when dealing with the middle back which can tend to be stiff due to the attachment of the ribs to the spine. This simple middle back exercise is an excellent way to gain better flexibility in the spine. Due to the rotation, side bend and extension pattern, it increases mobility in the vertebral joints and promotes better posture. The concept is basic; keep the joints mobile as well as the stretching the muscles. This video highlights the details.

This exercise and many more are available in Total PT Fitness.