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We know what trainers want in their personal trainer software

Personal Training Software

Designed with the personal trainer in mind, Total PT Fitness is comprehensive and versatile personal trainer software system. Furthermore, it provides video exercise, meal plans and fitness testing. It is perfect for the personal trainer just getting started and comprehensive for the advanced trainer. We can help you train more clients in less time and with better results.

3000 Exercises

With over 3000 exercises to choose from, your fitness programs are sure to remain interesting and varied for your clients. Additionally, all exercise videos are in HD format.

Our personal trainer software content includes free weights, elastic and tubing, fitness center equipment, plyometrics, functional, Pilates, Yoga, power/agility, cardio, BOSU, TRX and more. See more details of the Total PT Fitness exercise content.

Fitness programs can be basic programs or can be set up for pyramids or circuit training. Likewise, clients can log exercise results and both trainer and client can view detailed graphs results.

Steamlined Search Interface

With over 3000 exercises, it is crucial to be able to locate exercises and create programs in a timely manner. Furthermore, our fitness software search engine has five different options to meet the preference of any personal trainer.

Choose by body area, or muscle groups, filter by exercise type, body position and equipment. Similarly, select from our pre-made templates or create your own. 

Or use our simple Rapid Search or keyword option. Either way, it is basic enough for the beginner and sophisticated for the expert.

Easy View Master Templates for Faster Training Setup

Create Master Templates, complete with custom fitness and cardio programs, automatic messaging, scheduled testing requests and more. Therefore, pre-made master templates simplify working with clients. Provide stock templates or modify and customize.

The all in one Easy View Calendar mode gives you instant access to everything you need. Likewise, the calendar mode lets you provide personal training with just a few mouse clicks. Better efficiency saves you time. And time is money! It’s a great feature for both online or in person training.

personal trainer software
personal trainer software
Push up test

Personal Trainer Software Tests and Goal Tracking

The Total PT Fitness personal training software has over 150 fitness tests. These include tests for strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, biometrics, blood and body fat. In addition, the system also Includes are a variety of pre-made testing protocols for various sports.

Secondly, we also have youth and senior testing so you are no longer limited with your client base. Most tests include normative values.

Do you have trouble with client drop out? What trainer doesn’t, right? But clients who are able to track their progress and goal achievement will maintain more interest in your services, reducing drop out rate and even recommend you to their friends.

Fitness Now app

Free Fitness Now phone app lets your clients access personal training on phone or tablet

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personal trainer software
Fitness Now phone app testing

Clients can access video fitness programs, log exercise results, see results graphing, enter test scores, access information reports, fill out questionnaires, upload progress photos, enter food logs, access meal plans, use shopping lists and more.

Total PT Fitness includes a built in link for ZOOM tele conferencing

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"It has been a great experience using Total PT. It is very useful in keeping up with clients."
Kevon Grant
Fitness Trainer
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Nutrition and Meal Planning Included in our Personal Trainer Software

Ever feel uncomfortable with providing nutrition consults? Rest easy by choosing from our large variety of meal plans, designed by Registered Dietitians (Low Carb, Gluten Free, Anti-Oxidant, Vegan, Sports Endurance and more). With over 1400 days of meals in different calorie ranges and over 25,000 foods in our database, your worries are over.

Another key point is the calorie assessment calculator which determines basic metabolic requirements. For example it provides the exact amount of calories your client needs to lose, maintain or gain weight.

Third, all meal plans come with recipes and shopping lists to make it easy for your client to regain a healthy eating lifestyle.

 Total PT Fitness is nutrition made easy. Check out all of our meal plans for personal trainers

See How our Personal Trainer Software makes Meal Plans Easy

Diet Analysis

Ever wonder if your client is getting enough of the right nutrients and vitamins? But how to figure that out? It’s impossible to look at a person and know they aren’t getting enough vitamin A or E, or if they are low on potassium.

We can help. Simply instruct your clients to keep a food diary for 3-5 days. To clarify, they (or you) enter that information in the diet analysis section and the resulting report provides Carb/Fat/Protein percentages and a list of any nutrient deficiencies. What’s more, diet analysis can provide an additional source of revenue or be included in your basic services.

It doesn’t stop there; Total PT Fitness will give you a list of foods that contain the nutrients your client needs, and will provide a report that shows excesses (fat, sodium and cholesterol are the usual culprits).

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Reports and Questionnaires for All Aspects of Your Personal Training

Eliminate the problem of receiving and storing your client’s information while decreasing the potential for legal problems.

Questionnaires include health risk assessments, diet preferences, lifestyle surveys and more. There are over 35 different informational handouts, like stretching techniques, fitness terminology, how to prepare for exercising etc.

Total PT Fitness software also has the ability to create a variety of printed reports for your clients, including test summaries, health risk reviews and more.

Client Fitness Portal

Each client has access to a client portal, branded with your company logo and information. Here they can:

  • Access video exercises, complete with sets and reps.
  • View test results and goal acheivment.
  • Retrieve meal plans, use their shopping list, and see recipes.
  • Enter diet history.
  • Receive information documents or fill out forms.
  • Check a personal health calendar to keep on track with your training services.
  • Receive or send messages.
personal trainer software

Your Personal Trainer Software Scheduling System

No personal training fitness software would be complete without some type of scheduling. For this reason, TPTF gives the trainer a calendar to keep track of all types of appointments, whether it be for in person training, fitness assessments or online consultations.


Includes built in linking to PayPal. It’s fast and easy to set it up. No programming skills needed. To demonstrate, simply enter the email associated with your PayPal account. Then enter the amount due and click Send. Your client receives the payment request.

personal trainer software
Personal training software


Versatility is key. Not every trainer is the same. Plus, not every client needs the same things. We don’t think a personal trainer software should lock or push anyone into any specific method.

That is why we let you provide video programs or print them, with either color photos or B/W line art. Or issue printed test reports, meal plans, forms, handouts, diet analysis or let your client access the information on their portal.

To clarify, we are here to make your job easier and your business more profitable, not to tell you how to run the details of your business or your training. See our pricing plans.

Customize to Your Needs

We also think a personal trainer software system should be adaptable and grow with your needs. Which is why we made sure you have these custom features:

  • Upload your own video exercises.
  • Pyramid or circuits.
  • Exercise logging.
  • Create your own fitness program master templates.
  • Add your own tests.
  • Create custom test protocols.
  • Add or edit goals.
  • Upload informational handouts.
  • Change color scheme on client portal to match your preference.
  • Add or edit meal plans.
  • Create or edit recipes.
  • Enter new foods.
personal trainer software
"Easy navigation. Clients like the flow and customer service has been outstanding."
Mark Adams
Adams FitStop Health, Wellness and Fitness
"I like its ease of use. Interface is clean and receptive. Clients have been very receptive and can easily communicate with the training team."
Mehboob Sadikot
Owner Fitness together

More Basic Features

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Secure, Encrypted

Secured by the most current encryption systems used today. Password protected for trainer and client.

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Data Backup

Data backed up on multiple servers with additional redundant storage.

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Free Training and Support

We offer support by phone or email. We offer training by video tutorials or online training sessions.

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No Upgrades Fees, No Contracts

No extra cost for new features. No long term contracts. cancel at any time prior to renewal with no questions asked. We have pricing plans to meet every trainers needs.

Professional Association Discounts – Are you a member of a professional certification association like ACSM or ISSA? If so, contact us to find out about discount pricing,