Featured Exercise – Single Leg Full Body Bridge

Our featured personal trainer exercise video

is the single leg full body bridge using a foam roll. This personal trainer exercise video highlights just one example of core strengthening. Maintaining back and abdominal conditioning is a key requirement for developing core strength. The abdominal and back muscles play a major role in stabilizing the spine. A stable spine is required to enable higher level exercises for the arms and legs.

personal trainer exercise video

Watch this personal trainer exercise video by clicking on video below:

This exercise and many more can be found in the exercise library of Total PT Fitness along with a full system for fitness testing. Try our free 30 day trial now. Learn how to make more money and work from home or anywhere as an online personal trainer.

Winter is Coming – 3 Ways to Gain Personal Training Clients

Now is the Time to Attract New Clients

Winter is just around the corner and now is a great time to gain personal training clients. During the winter months many people become winter weekend athletes. And many do not prepare for the physical demands of their sports such as snow skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. The result is often injury due to inadequate warm ups or preparing their body’s for the fitness level of their activity.

attracting personal training clients

This is the perfect time to dedicate some time to gain personal training clients. And it can be done with very little time and effort. Dedicating just an hour or two and combined with creative marketing and winter discount offers you can boost your client roster easily.

So, How to Gain Personal Training Clients?

First, simply write a brief blog post on your website. In the blog post indicate how important proper conditioning and warm is to prevent injury. Then provide one or two stretches or exercises on how to properly warm up for a certain sport (skiing, skating snowboarding, etc.) Just remember to not give away every tip for free. And don’t forget to mention how you can provide more complete information once they sign on as your client; you want them coming to you for more.

Another option is to write a blog that shows one exercise to help strengthen a certain muscle needed for the sport. Be sure to mention that with proper conditioning they will be in better shape and receive more enjoyment with their activity. For example how important quad strengthening and endurance is for snow skiing. Again, only show one exercise and let them know you can provide a complete training routine designed specific to them and their sport.

Be sure to make links in the blogs to your website pricing and plan option page. But don’t stop there. Be creative make special package plans and special discount sign on offers. For instance, Snow Board Special, a 3 month regime guaranteed to make you the best snowboarder you can be! Normally priced at $XX, now discounted 30%. And make sure you put in a call to action to encourage them to sign up now. Use words like One Time Offer or Sign up Now! Offer expires in one week!

Make sure to let them know that they will be able to access their warm up video program on their phone or tablet.

Gain Personal Training clients low res

By using either Total PT Fitness or Exercise Pro Live it is easy to provide them your personalized workout programs. Be prepared to offer them a continuation discount package before their package expires to help retain them as a permanent client. We hope this helps you increase your client census. Don’t delay, now is the time to try these simple tips to help you to gain personal training clients.

Six Simple Steps for Online Personal Training

Want to get into online personal training? Why wouldn’t you? Think about it. Boost your income and provide you with freedom to live and travel. Online personal training has a main difference from training in person because one on training is a personal service business and creates a limit on the amount of income you can make. For instance, even if you work a full 40 hours a week with one on one clients you will never bill out more than 40 hours a week. You can increase your work hours but that has limits. You can increase your rate but that has limits as well. You could open your own center and hire trainers but the costs and time involved with that endeavor can be out of many trainers reach.

With online personal training your number of clients is almost unlimited. With online personal training you no longer have to be in the location of your clients. Online personal training gives you the freedom to live anywhere and travel anywhere, anytime and still be able to train clients. And online personal training offers you the ability to charge less but manage thousands of clients.

The first step to entering this new field is to create a website for your business. There are many companies that provide this service for little cost and often for free. The website does not have to be very fancy. It just needs to provide information about you and your services. Your website is your online business card.

The second step is to decide the type of client you want to target. Starting with only two or three types of clients in the beginning is best. Expand that as your business grows. Online personal training provides advantages for many clients, especially those who for one reason or another would prefer to train on their own time, in their own environment. For instance you may choose a target client of middle aged men who travel and can’t attend a local gym three days a week or older overweight female clients who do not feel comfortable in a gym environment or 18-25 year old males who live in rural areas with no access to a decent gym. Once you have decided these client types, you can tailor your website to those clients. Initially I think it is best to continue with your in person training and begin online personal training with just five to ten clients to begin with until you learn the ropes.

The third item to consider is if you will use an online personal training software program. This is not required but using a program designed to help you train clients can make your life much easier. Total PT Fitness for instance will maintain your client information, allow you to send the client fitness tests, assign information handouts and questionnaires, create and provide video exercise programs, and contains a communication portal.

online personal training

It also provides the client with a personal website portal branded with your company logo and information where they can see all the details of their training regime. You can also set it up so the clients go to your website log on to their online personal training portal.

online personal trainer software

The fourth step is to create 3 or 4 phases of exercise programming for the various types of clients you are targeting for your online personal training. Create exercise templates appropriate for each of the client types. This will make it easy to progress them through their training, allowing you to provide fitness routines quickly. Total PT Fitness allows you to create these fitness templates which can be custom tailored to each client in terms of sets, reps and weights. You can even create testing protocols suitable for each client type.

The fifth step is to get your marketing in order. Search engines have services that will bring up your business card website when people search for online training. Set up referrals using referral services. Use social media to drive business to your website such as Facebook. Writing blogs is a great way to send traffic to your website. Email blasts and other forms of online marketing also are things to consider.

Step six is to establish a payment service. While it is possible to sign up with a credit card fulfillment company, PayPal is easy and with reasonable fees. But there are many options.

So in summary, one on one in person training will eventually limit your income since you can only provide your services for a specific number of hours per month. But online personal training can expand that the potential to train hundreds or even thousands in a month. Even training 10 clients a month at $100/month (which is an astounding great price) you gain an extra $1000/month. With the proper tools and knowledge it is possible to train hundreds of clients a month. Simply create a website, determine target clients, sign up with an online personal training software like Total PT Fitness, (sign up for a free 30 day trial on this website) then set up some basic marketing and payment processing.